To start playing at the online casino, you must first go to your personal cabinet. Let’s look at what Rajabaji offers its players in the personal cabinet.

How do I enter my personal cabinet?

Immediately after the registration in Rajabaji, the player is given the opportunity to enter a personal account. To enter it, you need to visit the main page of the site, wherein the upper right corner you will see the “Login” button. After clicking on it, a window will appear, in which you must enter your data, namely your username and password.

Remember that you can sign in to your personal account with Rajabaji using your email address, cell phone number or account number. All three of these methods can be specified as your login. Then you only need to correctly enter the password and you will be logged in to the online casino site.

What difficulties may arise?

If you have paid attention to the procedure for entering your data when authorizing, then there should not be any difficulties. But let’s look at all the variants in which your login to the personal account of Rajabaji turned out not to be completed.

Error when entering the data

It’s quite possible that you simply entered your username or password incorrectly. Double-check all your details and enter them carefully. Also pay attention to the fact, whether you have not turned on Caps Lock, as well as check the keyboard layout. Often, the player instead of a login or password in English writes it in a different layout, so the system refuses to let them in.

Also remember, whether your password is not in capital letters. The password may be correct, but if instead of an uppercase letter the system will consider it a wrong password.

Forgot your password

A very common situation when a player forgets his password when logging into a personal account. Everybody has been in such situations when you try to enter your password a few times from memory, but you end up making a mistake. There’s no need to panic and tear your hair out. Simply click the button to restore your data, answer the secret question, and voila – you can log back into your personal account. Better yet, write down your password beforehand so you don’t have to go through this procedure.

Force Majeure

There are situations when none of the above helped. You still can’t log in to the Rajabaji website, but you want to play slots… Then it is better to write to support service, wherein a letter to describe your problem in detail, indicating what ways to perform authorization you have tried. They will quickly help you deal with this problem.

Login to private office

To enter the personal cabinet and start playing each player enters his own credentials. In the case of BC – it is the account number, e-mail or phone, as well as personal password. The information is entered in a pop-up window after clicking on the button with the inscription “Login”, which is located in the upper right corner of the web resource BC.

In one click

You can enter the personal cabinet of Rajabaji only after entering your login and password in the authorization field. Login in one click is possible only if the player has entered and remembered his credentials in the computer memory. It only makes sense to do this when no unauthorized persons have access to that computer.

By phone number

You can access your personal account using your phone number and password. The phone number is entered in the upper field of the authorization window, where the username is usually entered. The number must be entered in full. If it was done correctly, then after the entry in the bottom field of the password the player gets to his personal account.

By e-mail

Log in to the “Live Account” is also possible through email. To get into your account this way, you need to click the “Login” button in the top right corner of the portal and in the window that will appear in the login field enter the email you left when you registered. In the “password” field, respectively, you must enter the password you received at the same time.

Social networks and messengers.

Log in to a personal account via social networking sites and messengers is not possible.

Transferring funds to a friend

The rules of Rajabaji prohibit the transfer of funds from your personal account to the account of another player.

Personal information

In the personal office of Raja Baji after the completion of verification procedures there is access to the personal data of the player. This is the left name and surname, date of birth, history of transactions, data on residence address, personal email, phone. Raja Baji guarantees not to disclose personal information to third parties and undertakes not to use it for selfish purposes.

Overview of the personal cabinet

On its own, the personal account of the Rajabaji has almost the same features as the personal accounts of other gambling offices. Here you can deposit or withdraw funds from your personal account, as well as test different slots that Raja Baji provides. You can also contact support if necessary and see the history of your actions and actions on the account.

An important aspect of the game in Rajabaji is the availability of a convenient personal account in the mobile version. The functions are absolutely the same, and the interface is quite clear. In principle, the private office has all the necessary functions that a player needs in the gambling platform. Everything works quickly, so there can be no complaints.